Hi! I'm Meghan Murphy.I draw and design stuff.From illustration and design, logos to stream overlays, character art to emotes – I provide a variety of creative services… with a touch of my own unique style. Feel free to contact me if you have a project you think could use a little MURPHYPOP flair!And as if that isn't enough to keep me busy, I also am available to perform on TTRPG streams and podcasts.I like to stay busy.

Anomaly Film Fest

Anomaly Film Fest

The genre film festival I helped found, and for which am currently the social media manager/storyteller:
Anomaly: The Rochester Genre Film Festival



Overlays/Promo Images



A Monster of the Week podcast


You can find me at the socials below, and click the little mail icon if you'd like to contact me about commissions or other creative opportunities.